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Would you like to make your own clothes? Wear unique designs? Than this course is what you are looking for! At modelessen your ideas can become reality. After a small intro assignment the designs are up to you! We don’t use patterns from magazines, we’re working with patterns that will be draft in your own size and adjust it to your sketches or photo.

We will make:

The starters-course is designed for people without experience or students who would like to learn how to draw patterns

The course begins with the drafting of a pattern. You will learn to measure and draft the pattern in your own size
We will complete this pattern and start the sewing, therefore we will teach you all the techniques you’re going to use in your design.

You will learn basic patternshapes like a skirt, legging, top, dress, sleeve, etc
We will adapt these patterns to your sketch or picture. So you can make something you will truly wear. You can make almost everything yourself.

things you will learn summed up:
Measuring yourself or others, calculating new measurements
Drafting your own patterns
Adapting patterns to your design and liking
Sewingtechniques like: inserting a zipper, attaching a waistband, drawing and sewing the lining, etc
Working with easy and difficult fabrics, like tricot, cotton, wool and more
No need for sewing experience

at the start of this course
In the first class you will learn how to draft a skirt pattern in stretch fabric. We will teach you how to measure, draft, cut and sew this piece of clothing.

After this small assignment we will draft a circle-skirt pattern. Were you will learn how to put in a zipper, attach a waistband and work with biasbinding

Later on we will draft a basic skirt and then adapt this to your own design. This could be anything for example: a pencilskirt, jeansskirt, folded skirt. Whatever you can think about, you can probably make.

The skirt are the easiest to make. After this item, you will learn T-shirts, Leggings, trousers and dresses (coats are for the advanced group)

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  1. Elisangela Schot


    Do you have availability for this course? If yes, what are the days of the week available? I have zero experience but I would love to learn.

    Thank you!
    Elisangela Schot

    1. hester Auteur bericht

      Hi Elisangela,

      You can start without any experience, we will start very easy.

      There’s a spot vailable on the following dates:
      Tuesday 18:00
      Tuesday 20:10
      Wednesday 18:00
      Wednesday 20:10
      Friday 13:00

      Which day suits you the best?

      Kind regards

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