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This course is similar to the starters course, but referred to men’s clothing. You will learn to draft patterns of the t-shirt, pants, shirt and blazer in your own size. Also you will be learning all sewing techniques like working with stretch, different pockets, zipper etc.
We will make your own designs or pictures come to live!

We will start with the T-shirt. This is quite an easy assignment. With every piece of clothing we will use a more advanced pattern and sewing technique

In this subject you will learn how to make a T-shirt. We will start with measuring and drafting the pattern of the shirt and sleeve. The fabric for the first assignment is provided. After we’ve finished the pattern, you will start with cutting and sewing the fabric.

After the T-shirt we will also make a shirt, pants and a blazer. All in your own design. Whatever you can think of, you can sew yourself

Summed op you will learn:

  • Measuring yourself or others, calculating new measurements.
  • Drafting your own patterns.
  • Patterns like T-shirt, Shirt, Pants and Blazer
  • Adapting patterns to your design and liking.
  • sewing techniques like: working with stretchfabric, finishing a neckline, inserting a sleeve, inserting zipper, different kind of pockets and more
  • price €75 a month


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